At Carbon Day Automotive (CDA), we are focused on fueling America’s energy independence by establishing the electric car infrastructure, converting individuals to Green Renewable Consumers (GRC), and integrating the pathway to a sustainable economic future.

CDA is a leader in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure. In response to concerns over high gas prices, oil independence, and climate change virtually every major auto manufacturer is producing plug-in vehicles.

Drivers can choose from many styles of plug-in vehicles, and CDA is here to make electric “refueling” as convenient as going to the gas station.

The Question

Where will drivers plug in to re-charge when they are away from home or if they have no place to plug in at home?

The Answer

ChargePoint is the world's largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network with over 24,100 locations.The ChargePoint Network. Carbon Day Automotive is a Channel Partner of ChargePoint, the global leader of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

Play a Part and Plug In with CDA

At CDA we work with governing body, utilities, corporations, fleets and property owners, universities to install public charging stations that are networked, smart grid, and provide a sustainable revenue model.