Chevy Volt Charging

Welcome to Carbon Day Automotive (CDA), Channel Partner of ChargePoint – Global Leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure.

All ChargePoint stations are network-enabled, capable of reporting energy usage and communicating over the network with Software Application Services and Network Support Services to activate capabilities such as:

  • Providing open access for all drivers using any standards based RFID card
  • Generating revenue to offset electricity, capital equipment and maintenance costs
  • Sending SMS or Email notifications to the driver for charging completion or interruptions in charging
  • Controlling access to eliminate energy theft and to enhance safety
  • Integrating with the utility Smart Grid for demand side management and preferred pricing
  • Remotely receiving software OTA upgrades to accommodate advancements in future EV charging technologies

At Carbon Day Automotive, we are focusing on fueling America’s energy independence by establishing the electric car infrastructure, converting individuals to Green Renewable Consumers (GRC), and integrating the pathway to a sustainable economic future.