All ChargePoint® electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are connected through ChargePoint Network, the largest network of independently-owned charging stations in the world. ChargePoint Network is used by organizations who want to attract large numbers of EV drivers to their charging stations.

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Attract the most drivers to your stations

ChargePoint driver services and mobile applications keep loyal drivers coming back to your ChargePoint stations. Drivers prefer stations on ChargePoint Network, with 50% of EV drivers in the US holding a ChargePoint card and over 36,000 ChargePoint mobile application downloads to date. Drivers plug into a ChargePoint station more than 2,600 times every day.

Share in the success of the largest network

More than 875 organizations are providing electric vehicle charging via ChargePoint Network. Stations on ChargePoint Network are currently dispensing over 354 megawatt hours of electric fuel each month. With over 6,300 charging spots up and running, EV drivers rely on ChargePoint Network while away from their home garages.

Benefit from an open network and thriving ecosystem

ChargePoint Network is built on an open architecture, which promotes a vibrant and growing ecosystem. Using the ChargePoint web services APIs, a thriving ecosystem is delivering services that enhance the value of the ChargePoint stations you’ve purchased. A wide variety of applications integrate ChargePoint functionality including vehicle telematics, mapping, and energy management applications. The ChargePoint APIs also give you a way to integrate ChargePoint functionality with your internal systems for billing, building management, load management, legacy IT, etc.

With its open architecture, ChargePoint Network also supports any ChargePoint station from any manufacturer. Using the ChargePoint OnRamp program, charging station manufacturers can adapt their stations to be compatible with ChargePoint Network. As a result, you get to choose from a broad array of ChargePoint stations with different features and price points from a number of different manufacturers.

Your stations are in continuous communication with ChargePoint Network

ChargePoint stations are in constant communication with ChargePoint Network using a combination of standards-based protocols and wide area communications technologies. As a station owner, you incur no overhead or fees for this communication.


Station Services

Service plans give you everything you need to offer electric vehicle charging

ChargePoint® service plans provide flexible tools to set up services and fees exactly as you want them, automated payment processing, and rich data to track ongoing success. When you buy each ChargePoint station, you purchase an annual subscription to the ChargePoint service plan that is right for your needs.

The ChargePoint service plans are used to manage ChargePoint stations from Coulomb Technologies and from other manufacturers who’ve built compatible stations.

Your stations are monitored continuously

ChargePoint Network continuously monitors your stations and automatically sends an alarm to the ChargePoint Services team in the event there is a problem with a charging station. Drivers can also elect to receive an email or text message alert in the event of charging problems.

Remote servicing corrects problems quickly

The ChargePoint Services team can remotely diagnose and correct issues with charging stations, quickly fixing problems. A station can be re-set, or a charging session started or stopped without driving to the station’s location.

Know the status of all your stations, all the time

You can see the real-time status of all of your stations at any time. A station that is experiencing an issue will be highlighted on your map, so you can see at a glance if there are any problems with your stations.

Your stations stay up to date

Non-disruptive, over-the-air software upgrades keep your ChargePoint stations updated with the latest capabilities. Your stations will get updated regularly without disruption to service, and without the need to involve your IT people. Your entire end-to-end system stays up to date, and you get the rapid evolution of a cloud-based solution.