Mayor Daley - City of Chicago - Aqua Building

Mayor Daley - City of Chicago - Aqua Building



The Plug-In Cars are Coming!

Carbon Day Automotive ( is a leader in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.  In response to concerns over high gas prices, oil independence, and climate change virtually every major auto manufacturer has announced plans to produce plug-in vehicles in the next 1-3 years.  Starting this year drivers will be able to choose from many styles of plug-in vehicles.  CDA is here to make electric “refueling” as convenient as going to the gas station.

The Question is: Where will drivers plug in to re-charge when they are away from home or if they have no place to plug in at home?

The Answer is: The ChargePoint Network (

Play a Part and Plug In with Carbon Day Automotive.  At CDA we work with municipalities, utilities, corporations, fleets and property owners to install public charging stations that are networked, smart grid, and provide a sustainable revenue model.

Networking Capabilities and Benefits
ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations provide many advantages over non-networked charging stations:
• Open charging infrastructure to all drivers, without requiring subscriptions.
• Create a revenue stream to pay for electricity, capital equipment and maintenance.
• Allow drivers to find unoccupied charging stations via Web-enabled cell phones.
• Notify drivers by SMS text or email when charging is complete.
• Authenticate access to eliminate energy theft.
• Authorize energizing to improve safety.
• Enable remote monitoring and diagnostics for superior quality of service.
• Integrate with the Smart Grid for utility load management with future V2G capabilities.
• Enable fleet vehicle management.